About Us

Rising - BMS Ltd. was founded in 1999 as a company to design, build and put into operation systems for building and industry automation. Our main priority is to provide guarantee and post-guarantee services to our customers.
The company is the authorized representative of the Swiss Fr. Sauter AG and owns the exclusive rights to sale Sauter products in Bulgaria.
Rising – BMS Ltd. is widely represented on the market. With its strong positions, the company belongs to the leaders in the field of building and industry automation. Our endeavor through the years has led to an immense practical experience. The outstanding theoretical knowledge of our specialists is the base of a successful and effective work.
Our company’s style - co-operation and loyalty on the market – gives us confidence in pursuing our policy – to sustain stable positions and a dynamic growth.
We provide to our customers effective system solutions, high-quality and reliable products, which ensure monitoring and control of electromechanical and low-voltage building systems. Our team consisting of highly qualified specialists with knowledge and skills of different disciplines, consults, designs and implements the optimal solutions that satisfy our customers’ requirements.
As a SAUTER’s representative for Bulgaria, Rising-BMS Ltd. works with affirmed and leading European producers in the field of electrical components and cable fixtures: Weidmuller, Telemecanique, Merlin Gerin, Draka, Schrack, Rittal, Himel etc.



Products & Solutions

  • Equipment for control of electromechanical systems (electric drives, control valves, sensors, transducers etc.)
  • Controllers, parametrizable and programmable DDC controllers
  • Design, building and installation of control panels
  • Engineering of control systems (design, delivery, assembly and putting into operation)
  • Installation of BMS, EMS (SCADA) control systems, process monitoring and optimization
  • Integration of low-voltage and electromechanical systems in a central system for building automation
  • Guarantee, post-guarantee service and management of electromechanical systems



Our Policy

  • To be effective and to look ahead to the technologies of the future



Our Goal

  • Satisfaction of our customers
  • Highest quality of our products
  • Overall control and optimization of the energy costs
  • Highly qualified and timely service
  • Full guarantee for each component and system
  • Products always in stock